Monday, February 21, 2011

My Favorite Circus Blogs

While I may not be that great about keeping up to date with this blog, I have other blogs I read to keep up to date on circus. I should share them here for others to find and enjoy.

The Adventures of Steve and Ryan - Probably my favorite (and therefore the top of my list) from circus clown Steve Copeland about the adventures he is having in his life.  Most of his performing is done with Ryan Combs, and they are currently on tour with Kelly Miller circus.  I like his nearly daily posts that show us the good, bad, and ugly of mudshow life. 

Circus Diaries - from Casey McCoy Cainan and Ryan Easley (also known as Radar), this blog of big cat life is always entertaining.  Radar provides most of the posts.  The McCoy tigers are currently touring with Kelly Miller circus.

ShowMe Elephants - from Ryan Easley.  Not exactly about circus, but all about elephants, one of my favorite creatures on earth.  He posts there almost daily.

Circus Mom - Circus Mom Natalie Cainan shares her life as mom and dog wrangler and circus performer.  Natalie is currently touring with Culpepper & Merriweather Circus.

A Mudshow Season - from circus front-man and historian Ben Trumble.  I couldn't decide whether to put him on this list or not, as he is a bit of a whiner sometimes, and if you leave a comment that speaks ill of one of his former performers he won't publish it.  Since I believe in being open (and signing your name to your posts) I don't have any problem posting my feelings, and think he should be as open.  However, Ben knows some wonderful circus history and often posts about things I didn't know. His blogging is intermittent; once or twice a month is about all you can count on.

If you're on facebook, most of these people can be followed as well.  In addition, there is a circus historian, Jack Bryan, who has a group called "May All Your Days Be Circus Days."  He posts some amazing pictures and announces events that are occurring worldwide. 

Friday, February 11, 2011



Contact Phyllis Weiss or
Laura McCarthy
Musen Steinbach Weiss

High-res photos available upon request


With Presenting Sponsor Edward Jones, St. Louis’ One-ring Circus Performs All-new Show in Grand Center June 2 - 26

Tickets Go on Sale March 16

(ST. LOUIS / Feb. 10, 2011) In celebration of its 25th season, Circus Flora, St. Louis’ beloved, one-ring circus, announces its brand new show, Vagabond Adventures, June 2 through 26 under the air-conditioned, red-and-white, big top tent in Grand Center. Presented by Edward Jones, the show comes on the heels of Circus Flora’s triumph with the St. Louis Symphony in January.

Vagabond Adventures is set on the Floating Palace, a real circus venue that traveled up and down the Mississippi River before the Civil War. This majestic riverboat triggers a thrilling caper, picking up where the critically acclaimed Symphony performance left off. Vagabond Adventures reunites circus stars from the last quarter century such as the Flying Wallendas, the St. Louis Arches, the Flying Pages and everyone’s favorite clown, Giovanni ZoppĂ© as Nino, along with many exciting new acts, including the Olate Dogs’ amazing tricks and the Riding Donnert's spellbinding horsemanship.

Vagabond Adventures finds stowaways on board the Floating Palace, with dreams of becoming circus performers. From their lowly, discrete positions, they catch wind of a scheme that threatens the boat. Enthralled by the luscious Lottie Luppu, these unlikely heroes uncover her hidden identity – Lola Montes, a spy for a Spanish/Argentinean plot to commandeer the barge and abscond with it to Argentina. Through the stowaways’ heroic efforts, the Floating Palace is saved, escapes the treacherous waters of the Gulf of Mexico and returns to delight the audiences of St Louis – the largest city west of the Mississippi.

The always affordable, family-friendly Circus Flora takes place under the air-conditioned, red-and-white, big top tent in Grand Center, St. Louis’ arts and entertainment hub, adjacent to Powell Hall (corner of Grand Boulevard and Samuel Shepard Drive). Tickets go on sale March 16; group tickets are now available.

Show times are Tuesday through Thursday at 7 p.m.; Friday and Saturday at 2 and 7 p.m.; Sunday at 1 and 5:30 p.m.; and “Little Top Wednesday” at 10 a.m., a special one-hour show for smaller kids or the “kids at heart.” Tickets for Vagabond Adventures are $8 to $44 and go on sale March 16. Call 314-289-4040 or visit for tickets and more information. Tickets are also available at the Circus Flora Box Office in the Centene Center for the Arts & Education, 3547 Olive St. Group discounts are now available for groups of 20 or more.

Circus Flora announces "Vagabond Adventures!"

Circus Flora will return in June with a new production, "Vagabond Adventures," under the big top near Powell Symphony Hall in Grand Center.

Like the circus's recent collaboration with the St. Louis Symphony, the new show will be set on the legendary riverboat, the Floating Palace. Acts will include the Flying Wallendas, the St. Louis Arches, the Flying Pages, clown Giovanni Zoppe, the Olate Dogs and the Riding Donnerts.

"Vagabond Adventures" runs June 2 through 26.  Tickets go on sale March 16. For more information, call 314-289-4040 or go online to